Feel safe knowing that if you don't check in, the contacts you specify will be notified to try to contact you.


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If you are meeting someone of a Social Media or Dating site or App, it is always good to have a friend know where you are going and potentially who you are meeting.

Step 1. Build a Profile

Create a free profile and enter in contacts that you may wish to notify if you don't CHECK IN.

Step 2. Add Contacts

For an encounter to be created, you must enter in contacts. You can add as many contacts as you want and you can select what contacts you want to include in the notifications for each encounter.

Step 3. Create an Encounter

Create an encounter with some general information about who you are meeting. Select how many hours you would like before a reminder will be emailed to you. If you do not action the email, your contacts will be notified after a specified amount of time with a custom message you provide. Your friends can then try and track you down to make sure you are okay.

Step 4. Missed Check In

If you haven't marked yourself as safe your contacts can request that we unlock the information you provided so they can pass that onto the authorities.

If you mark yourself as safe, your encounter is deleted and your privacy will be respected.

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