About Checkr.me

In the past months, more crime has been reported in the LGBT community in the Toronto Village. Some of this crime was a predator that met men on Social Media apps and many of these men went unknowingly into danger. Not every person wants their business shared with family and even friends especially if it is a random hookup.

Checkr.me does not replace the safeguards ones should make before meeting a stranger for any reason, but maybe it can help. If you can quickly take a few minutes to add in some information as to where you are going, who you are meeting and even a picture, it can maybe help if you do end up in a dangerous situation.

The shortest encounter could turn dangerous so why not have someone check up on you if you don't check in. 

At this time we have no intention on billing, this is a FREE service. We are in a beta phase right now where we are open to comments and feedback. At some point we may add advertising but at this time we are just looking to work out the kinks.